Non-Laser Tattoo Removal


A painless and effective tattoo removal solution.

Benefits of non-laser tattoo removal

We have all heard about laser tattoo removal being a painful and costly affair. But what if you could get rid of small tattoos with a herbal gel? Also, at a much more economical price. That is exactly what we do at Lash & Brow, Essex.

Yazmin Aviram is a experienced beautician who has trained with Harley Street. Call on 07545 270 831 or email at to find out more about the procedure.
Make-up solutions
arm tattoo

Experienced and hassle-free service

Did you get a tattoo that went wrong? Or an old tattoo that you aren't proud of? We know how that feels, but don't worry as Lash & Brow provides a non-laser tattoo removal service that is efficient and cost-effective, just the treatment you were looking for.
neck tattoo

Tattoo removal gel

Lighten the pigment of small body tattoos with the application of a bio-herbal pigment removal gel. The procedure is safe, efficient and easy on the pocket. Call on 07545 270 831 to discuss your make-up or tattoo removal requirements with Yasmin.
Are you looking for a safe and reliable non-laser tattoo removal solutions?

Call Lash & Brow in Chigwell on
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