Semi-Permanent Make-up


Enhance your facial features.

Long-lasting make-up solutions in Essex

Add definition to your face and give it a fresh and natural look with semi-permanent make-up. Also known as cosmetic tattoo, it is a procedure where a hypoallergenic pigment is inserted into the dermal layer of the skin. After the healing phase is done, you can flaunt the make-up for years to come, the fading rate depends on your age and skin type. Explore our portfolio.

This long-lasting make-up solution is perfect for people with busy lifestyles. Please note that semi-permanent make-up is a 2-appointment procedure followed by a top-up in 4 weeks.
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Look good effortlessly!

Are you tired of putting on your make-up every day? Do you wish to conceal a scar or enhance a particular feature? Semi-permanent make-up is the answer you have been looking for. It gives you freedom from applying conventional make-up and helps you look your best at all times! Contact Lash & Brow to find out more.

Micropigmentation solutions in Chigwell

  • Eyelash enhancements and top and bottom eyeliner 
  • Brows, beauty spots and colour boosts
  • Lip line, lip line with colour and colour blush
  • Make-up - semi-permanent make-up package
  • Non-laser tattoo removal
Enjoy long-lasting results with semi-permanent make-up.

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